The Care and Tending of Faith


We have all been given a powerful gift as human beings, faith. Faith can carry us through hard times. Faith can hold our hands during the lonely dark night of the soul. Faith can carry a relationship to beautiful places. Faith can unlock our Divine potential. Faith can also ruin our lives. What? Ruin our lives? Yes. Faith in the worst outcome can steal our joy, kill our relationships, create anxiety and lead us straight into those dark nights of the soul. Faith, that is, in things going wrong, faith in Murphey’s Law, which states that if anything can go wrong it will. It’s not faith that is in short supply, it is trust in Good, not even necessarily trust in God. It is very possible to trust in God but not in Good! I ought to know. I lived it for too many years!I believed in God, but I was pretty sure God did not believe in me. I was wrong. God’s Good does not discriminate. It is a Force, not a judgement.

The good news is that trust in Good can be cultivated, tended, nurtured and grown like a field of corn! You can start right here where you are without lifting a finger. Just think of the times in your life when you thought the end was near, so to speak. Disaster loomed large in your life. You were just certain things would not work out. But they did. We all have those times! Every one of us. Taking the time to contemplate these miracles in our lives is all it takes to bring them into focus, no matter how hard the road Life may have dragged you down. When my husband was very ill in the hospital a few years ago, my daughter brought him a bumper sticker that says “If anything can go right it will”. It adorns my husband’s van now and it happens to be true. Yes, at times, it can’t go right and it doesn’t. That’s life, and acceptance is your only option for peace of mind. Yet many times things don’t go as bad as you think they are destined to, and sometimes they even turn out good; sometimes wonderful. There are other things you can do to encourage your faith in Good.

If you are a praying person and you respond to prayer requests, pray, then follow-up. Call the person you have been praying for and see how it is going. If the request is posted on Face Book, pray about the situation or for the person/s in question. After you have been praying about it a while, message the person who posted the prayer request. Ask how so and so is doing. You will, in a small, quiet way, be strengthening their faith in Good because they will know somebody cares! If the report is good, write it down. If not, keep praying or pray as inspired, maybe tweaking your prayer a bit. Start a list of what I like to call “Praise Reports”, things you have prayed about that have turned out well. You can add to this list all the things that just sort of worked out on their own, because that was God too. When you look at your list and see it growing, you will feel your faith in Good rising up. More good news…

Because, in each human being lies the potential for faith, even if you don’t pray, even if you don’t believe in God let alone God’s Grace, there is nothing to stop you from believing in Good, and so this Medicine is available to all of us. Anyone can believe in the good they observe in Nature, in the beauty of the seasons and the balance they bring to us all. We can all believe in Good as it shows Itself in the hearts of loved ones and dear friends, and in the Good we ourselves sometimes are inclined to do, you know, those senseless acts of beauty and random acts of kindness? Yea, those. I know, I know, the world seems so full of bad things and bad folks. It is. But it is also filled with good people and good things. You see, everything we need is here on Planet Earth for us to use as educational toys as we stumble along on this Good Red Road School learning Who we really are! We are Spirit as well as minds and bodies, inextricably linked with the Power and Presence of Good.

Inevitably, even those among us who have the most stalwart faith will falter at times. All it takes is something truly life-shaking, something so big it just knocks us right off balance, such as the death of a loved one, a terminal diagnosis, or a serious heartbreak. In times like these, the best thing we can do is lean upon each other until we can once again stand alone. Find someone you know has faith in Good and have them scoop up your lifeless road-killed faith and cradle it in their arms, walking forward with it until you can heal enough to catch up. Jesus, Himself knew that life can be a struggle sometimes. He said that indeed, “In this world you will have trouble, but take heart; I have overcome this world.”(John 16:33, New International Version). He knew what time it was. He was no airy-fairy guy; he knew that a rugged world would require a rugged faith. So tend your faith. Nurture it. Tend it like a precious child, because it is precious. This includes protecting it, shielding it, from those who would seek to destroy it. Be picky about who you let influence you, who you allow in your personal world. Be careful with whom you share the secrets of your soul. You have a growing faith in Good to protect. If you protect it, feed it and nurture it with a belief in   Good, you will one day have a faith that may be no bigger than a mustard seed, but it can still move mountains. (Matthew 17:20). It is my prayer for you that all the mountains in your life will yield to the Truth of Good.

John 14:12 Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do, he shall do also; and greater works than these shall he do also; because I go unto my Father.

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