Spider’s Lesson on Mastery

Thursday morning I was taking out the trash when I saw a spider web just in time to duck. Even though I know they will weave it over again, I hate to destroy their handiwork almost as much as I hate to have my face covered in spider web. Looking through the filigree web, I slowed my morning pace to linger a moment. The web was so delicate, so impossibly beautiful and perfect against the Eastern morning sky. I saw the fat, black ant hanging there. Dinner. This spider, what a marvel she is, I thought. This little weaver carries within her the template for her web. She needs no tools for measurement. She has a good, dependable way to support herself. She has several highly specialized skills; all she needs to do all that is hers to do. I thought about how wonderful Spider is, and how Creator placed within her everything she needs to be successful in her breif life. I was reminded that we also carry within us all that we need to do all that is ours to do in our lives, whether they be short or long. So often we two-legs over-think life and burden ourselves with all sorts of things that aren’t actually ours to do. This is how we arrive at over-whelm. Deep in our hearts we  know what is ours to do. We just have to quiet the noise in our heads that urges us to compete, with each other and with ourselves to do bigger, greater, things and to do them faster, louder, or more publically. And yet, just like Spider who silently yet expertly goes about doing exactly what she was put here to do, we too are fully supported by Spirit with everything we need to accomplish everything we need to do . Allow yourself to believe in the wealth of talent, goodness and Divine Essence that exists within you, placed there by a loving Creator who knows what you will need even before you need it.  When, like Spider,  we draw the raw materials from the storehouse within, we become the master weavers of our lives, spinning threads of Spirit in and out of each transition, each ending, each beginning to create the sacred and unique web  of Life.

Consider the ravens, they neither sow nor reap, they have neither storehouse nor barn, and yet God feeds them… Luke 12:24

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