Solutions To The 10,000# Prayer

I was looking just now on Google Images for an appropriate picture for this blog and I saw a sign that said “Pray hardest When It is Hardest to Pray”. Interesting, because what this entry is all about is those times when you just can’t pray, or, when your prayers feel like they aren’t “going any higher than the ceiling”. Come on….we’ve all been there. When you are in this sad state, praying harder doesn’t get it. It only gets you more frustrated. Often, just when we need it most, it can become very hard to pray with any conviction, and here is why. There are times when, as human beings, we are able to see only one solution to our problem, and that is what we want  Sometimes we want it so bad we can taste it! We will typically take this problem to God in prayer, or try to. But have you ever noticed that when you have so much riding on a prayer, when the stakes are really high, this is the time the dilemma of the 10,000# prayer strikes?

It strikes like this: you are all fired up and scared because so much depends on the outcome. Because of this, it is very hard to say those most powerful words to Spirit, “Thy will be done.” Maybe we just feel that we have already figured out what Spirit should do and now it is only a simple matter of getting Spirit to agree and do it! What a classic scenario. We forget that for every limited little option we are able to find to our problems, Spirit has many more, often with even better results than we had dreamed possible. Looking back over the past, you know this is true. This is because Spirit sees from the perspective of Eagle, that is, from high above the problem. In fact, to Spirit it is not a problem, it is either a blessing or a teaching, which ever way it goes. Our problem is that we cannot let go of what we want to have happen. But we must.

It is a very simple matter, but not easy. Sometimes it feels completely overwhelming to even attempt to wrestle the problem out of our grasping, desperate hands, and truly give it over to Spirit. This is when we need a prayer partner. A suitable prayer partner is someone you know who prays…regularly…and who will keep their mouth shut about your business, of course; someone you can trust. After you have prayed, if you feel this heaviness that tells you that your prayer is just languishing there on the floor in front of you and is not rising to the Creator, ask that trusted prayer warrior to pray for you. Ask that person to pray for you that God’s will be done for your highest and best, or for whoever you are lifting up in prayer. That person, you see, will not be as attached to any specific outcome and will be able to hold an open space for Spirit to move on your behalf, or on the behalf of your loved one. You can return the favor to that person or someone else on down the line, but for today, just get up off your knees and let somebody pray for you. Do not judge yourself as weak, or lacking faith. That is just the last thing you need right now and it’s not even true!

Once you have assigned this prayer need to a powerful, dedicated, and discreet prayer warrior, each time the need comes back into your mind (because, of course it will!) just say to yourself. “This is being handled.” Then go about your business, those things that you do have control over. Open your heart to others who need caring and love, and know that your own need is a done deal, one way or another. Since you have someone praying for God’s will to be done with regard to it, you can kiss that issue goodbye knowing that our loving Guide has you in It’s Magnificent Heart. Know that you as well can be a powerful prayer helper to another person who is over-invested in a solution to prayer. This is why we need each other. This is why the Bible says in James 5:16 to “…pray for one another that you may be healed.” Sometimes we are just too close to a situation to be able to release it. If we can do these things, then we have given Spirit permission to intercede on our behalf. Remember that Spirit, God, whatever you call that Force, never over-rides our personal will unless invited to do so. Does the over-riding of your personal will sound scary?

Of course it does. We are taught from the time we are children that all we have to do to be successful is to want something bad enough go after it hard enough. The idea that we just need to pray harder is an off-shoot of this self-directed will thing. Yet there is a huge flaw in this logic. Sometimes the very intensity of all this wanting and trying is a barrier to that thing that we want and even pushes it away from us. Have you ever seen a person who wanted a love relationship so bad that they were just a nervous wreck about it and summarily scared off any and all candidates for that desired partner by the very neediness created by the belief that they simply must have that relationship or they will just shrivel up and die? I am sure you have. It is out there for all the world to see. You, like me, might have even been in this unenviable condition. This is the mindset that creates the 10,000# prayer in the first place.

Once you have found that prayer buddy who will carry the concern for you, and have given it over to God, that is, you have released the outcome to be whatever is best in the all-seeing wisdom of the Creator, get busy so that your mind does not drift back to the situation. Get grateful. Make a list. Get useful. Look around and see who needs you or your prayers. When your mind strays back to frantically trying to dream up solutions, remind yourself that all that overwhelms you is already being seen to by Spirit, Who knows what we need before we need it. Having  reached this state of release, you will feel that 10,000# prayer become light as a feather as it floats up to Source, leaving you in a state of peace and rest.

Matthew 6:8

…Your Father knoweth what things ye have need of before you ask Him.

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