Misty, The Miracle Mare

Thank you, dear God, for Miss T Passion, or, Misty, The Miracle Mare, as we have come to think of her. I am brought to my knees in sorrow by the reality of what this day will bring. She will be euthanized tonight, freed from the painful navicular disease she has struggled with. Last week she had a crisis that cannot be ignored. It is time. We know this and yet her dad and I struggle with saying goodbye. The Creator who made her whispers to me, “Gratitude is the Healer, my child. Look at all the times she has rallied, all the trials she has been through. Appreciate the  years you have had her as your four-legged child. Let yourself be thankful and I will do the rest. Your heart will heal, I promise!”Reflecting upon this, it becomes clear to me. Miss T. Passion is truly Misty, The Miracle Mare! You are a God of miracles and we have witnessed them.

Your first miracle for Misty was her rescue by Foothills Equine Rescue Association. She was in need of an expensive and painful surgery in her left sinus cavities and had become extremely thin because she simply could not chew. Although I still have a hard time wrapping my head around this, we were told that she weighed only 500# at the time of her rescue! After we adopted her, the next miracle lay in wait, the sinus surgery necessary to save her. It came with a high price, a brutally hard recovery period. Misty was one feisty and fed-up-with-it-all-16 hand mare! She became septic following the surgery, and again, needed a miracle. You were there, Lord. You healed her. You gave me the stamina I needed to deal with the intense care of a mare who did her level best to trample me in her panic as she ran circles in the stall with me on one end of the lead rope. I followed her whirling head with syringes full of  various medicines, and it was only with Your help that I was able to deliver them into this spinning whirlwind! Another miracle; she survived the infection following the surgery.

She would still need another miracle, though, because she became deeply depressed, likely from the effects of the traumatic medical stresses, but also because she was now alone at the barn. We tried to find a buddy to board there with her. It was not a viable option take on another horse of our own right then! In desperation, I spent long days with her in the pasture, trying to ease her loneliness with my human presence. But it was no use. Horses need horses, period. Maybe I was better than nothing, but not much. Now the vet had more bad news. Misty’s white count was soaring, and the infection could not be located. This was one sick girl, fighting, and, it seemed, losing. I told her dad I was ready to let her go. He was not. Another miracle!

This one paid off quickly. Within a week, Misty had a pasture-mate, a once wild mustang named Baba. Her white count started to fall into normal range. All her other blood work fell into line. Saved again! But for Misty, the Miracle Mare, Your sweetest blessing ever was soon to arrive. I was finally over the silly notion that I would be able to ride Misty, because she had become intermittently lame immediately following her first training session. As it turned out, she would never again be sound. So, I decided that if I was going to ride, I would need to get another horse. With Misty finally well, I figured it was time.

Charles was a big black Tennessee Walker, the kind with the elegant head and beautiful face, a flowing, wavy mane and best of all, a thick tail that dragged the ground!. When I led him off my friend Ivey’s trailer that cold October night, I put him in the stall adjacent to Misty’s. It was quite simply love at first sight. There was no pecking order squealing, no stumping about, no whirling, no resistance. Charles gazed, awestruck at her as I led him in, then he placed his huge head against the bars between the stalls. She moved silently toward him as if in a trance, placing her forehead against his.This pair loved each other with complete devotion for the precious year they had together before EPM took him to heaven. After whiling away lazy days grazing side by side, at the end of those idyllic days, they would settle in their stalls after saying good night to each other through the bars. Lord, many humans never find the love of their lives, let alone most horses. Charles blessed Misty in a special way. A gifted local animal communicator shared with us that Charles told her that Misty was “the most beautiful mare I ever saw!” The way he treated her certainly substantiated this. Charles also  told her that he “took care of her” and that one of the ways in which he did this was to “give her poetry”. You gave them a miracle each when they both foundered on fresh spring grass, but fully recovered! What a lovely blessing she had in Charles, and what a joyful reunion they will have in heaven!

Misty initially had a hard time letting him go, even though I led her over to see him as he lay dead so that she could say good bye and have closure. She would stand in her pasture facing his grave ¼ mile away on a hill, and loudly bellow her wrenching grief. This went on for some time and shredded our hearts to bits! With the help of the communicator, she eventually did let him go, and the addition of a rescue mare named Lois Lane to be her sister was a comfort and a real blessing. Temperamentally, these two were perfectly suited and neither one ever got testy or nasty with the other. Another miracle, God!

This morning I ask you in the Name of Jesus, for one more miracle. When Dr. Kris slips the medicine in her vein that will be her ticket Home to You, let her dying be peaceful! Let her be unafraid. Let her gently crumple into the loving arms of the waiting Earth Mother, just as her Charles did. And may she glimpse a tall, dark, handsome figure on Heaven’s horizon and hear thundering hooves coming toward her! Let her lift her head in Heaven and run with newly sound legs to meet  her beloved Charles. May Our Lord Jesus be waiting to receive her, to stroke her neck and tell her what a good job she did down there, what a good and faithful servant she was! Misty was truly a mare of miracles, a professor of miracles for those who need a lesson in the power of God to bless, to heal, and to provide each of His precious children with not only all we need to live, but also, the desires of our hearts.

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