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There was a catchy little song long ago in the Another Time…(the 1970’s), the refrain went like this:

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign! Blockin’ up the scenery, breakin’ my mind! Do this! Don’t do that, can’t you see the sign?”

This was a great song for the times, which, as Dylan sang, were “ …a’changin’…” This song, like many from that era, pointed out the rigid and arbitrary rules of an uptight 1950’s society that made no sense whatsoever to those who were riding the wave of change that was breaking upon the planet. Well, if you haven’t noticed that the times are changing again, you may well be asleep! This time, the times appear to be changing away from love, peace, brother/sisterhood, and digressing back to the rank materialism of the 1950’s. You see, in the ’50’s white people could reach any dream, scale any mountain. One *(Caucasion) person with a blue collar job could support a whole household and even afford to buy that household a house! I know! My Dad did exactly that, while my Mom stayed home and taught me wonderful skills, like cooking, gardening, and sewing. We don’t need signs from God to show us that this is no longer true for anyone except the wealthy.

However, never have we needed signs from Above more urgently; signs to show us we are seen, loved, and protected! The climate, both literally and figuratively, appears to be getting scarier every day. The temptation to be afraid (very afraid!) is strong right now, but can we, as spiritual beings having a human experience really afford to buy into the fear? I think not! Fear brings with it a host of paralyzing side effects, overwhelm, rage, and depression (the kissing cousin of rage), just to name a few. You may be wondering just how not to become paralyzed with fear for the Pachamama (Mother Earth), for the bears who can now legally be murdered as they lie in their caves beside their cubs hibernating, for the National Parks, for the school children, the elderly, the immigrants and the vulnerable of all ages? There is a way, my fellow travelers, and it involves the polar opposite of fear, Love. Signs of this Love are everywhere, you just have to open your heart to them and the first step is to ba aware of their presence. Because I am a very sensitive person, in sheer self-defense, I have learned to look for them as I go about my daily life.

This morning I was walking my little dog Hadley in the woods. I was pondering a sticky situation in my personal life when I looked down and my eyes fell on a heart-shaped rock! The messege it sent me was “Just love!” Ever since I moved up here to Western Carolina where there are rocks, from Florida where you mainly see them  on railroad tracks, I have been drawn to those who sport a heart shape. When I find one of these, I am instantly reminded that Love is with me and no matter what is happening, I am going to be alright. If I am wrong, who cares? It works for me, and I have met others for whom it works as well! This is a message from The One Who Made the Rocks in the first place! In virtually every culture, down through the ages, certain sightings in Nature have become associated with good fortune. It was quite a morning for Handley and me because two different signs came across our path today, back to back. This sign involved the Winged Ones, specifically cardinals, or as my late friend Carolyn called them, redbirds.

According to Carolyn, seeing a redbird is a powerful sign that good is on it’s way. She collected redbird memorabilia, I suppose so that she could see plenty of them! To this day, I never see a redbird figurine, dish towel, or coffee mug that I don’t think of her. Since I had never heard this before, and since she grew up in the coal-mining country of West-By-God-Virginia, I always assumed it was a WV thing. Curious to know, I asked someone from Hendersonville, NC just last week if she had heard of this redbird thing. She nodded her head enthusiastically “Oh yes! But only if it is a male and female together!” Ah! Same thing, but with a little variation! This morning on our walk, straight ahead of us 3 males and 1 female cardinal flitted elegantly across our path not 6 feet ahead of us! I thought, “Well, I got my mated pair, plus 2 extra males..I’ll take it! I must be in for some serious good! Woohoody Hoo!” I walked along with a joyful heart. If one of those little beauties is good Medicine in WV, and a pair is  the redbird requirement in NC, then I am in there like swimwear! Hadley looked at me wide-eyed as we continued on our path. Maybe she needed this sign as much as I did!

Many, if not all of us crave comfort, reassurance. Many are so turned off by mainstream religion that they can take no comfort in going to church or reading the Bible. Small wonder. Alot of these folks flock to psychic fairs, New Age gift shops, and seminars where eager entrepreneurs promise to do everything from healing your sciatica to helping you find your soul mate. Please know that I am not knocking these enterprises. If they lift people up, I am all for it, yet the sad part is that not everyone who doggedly pursues this avenue of hope can afford it. Some folks feel sad and left out, thinking “Oh, if only I had $100.00/hour to go see…(fill in the blank), then I could be well, whole, happy, loved…(again…fill in the blank). The good news is that there are many gifted psychics, healers and speakers who offer their help in ways that are affordable for most people. These are pay-it-forward people, dedicated to service. Many of these come to mind. But what about the truly poor who need guidance and help with living precarious lives, the ones who have no transportation to even get to these affordable offerings? What about those for whom even the basic survival needs are not affordable?

Well, Creator knows all about this, and cares. That is why signs which  give hope, that most necessary spiritual commodity, are literally lying on the ground and cavorting through the air...everywhere; in Nature, on the city streets, out in the beloved woods, on the shore, in the desert, even in WalMart! Signs that God is with us are abundant, but if you aren’t looking for them, they are so invisible as to not even exist! Nobody can look for something they are not aware of. That is why I am sharing this. One of the things that makes this kind of guidance so perfect (other than the fact that it is free!) is that it is tailored to the individual. Nobody else can or needs to interpret these signs for you. When they come to you from everyday life, they need no outside interpretation. Finding your own answers in this way strengthens both your faith in the Creator and in yourself.

My personal go-to place for signs from God is out-doors, but I am always looking wherever I go because they are everywhere. Creator’s Love Notes are not restricted to any particular locale! Signs of Love and hope and comfort are everywhere, between the lines in our conversations with others, in a memory that pops up at just the right time, in a song playing on the radio, in a ray of light peeking through hospital blinds, in a casual touch that says “I see you!” They are in our dreams and in our own  thoughts , springing up from the Christ Within, unbidden. The more we become aware of them , the more often they burst into our lives, like rays of life-giving sun piercing dark clouds of doubt. Why are they everywhere? Because God is everywhere! For me, they are easier to find in Nature, but that is probably because of my childhood. I was blessed to have a Mother and her Dad, my Grandfather who dearly loved Nature and taught me to ramble and revel in Her. I grew up close as skin to Pachamama. She was my fortress, my protector, my entertainment. Many times my tears fell on Her breast as I leaned in for the Love I was missing in our toxic and volatile home environment. Because my Mother didn’t fear Nature, she never worried about me when I was out all day long, coming home only to grab a bite to eat, picking blackberries, walking for hours, watching bugs, feeding eager little fists full of grass to other people’s horses. Those of you who had different childhoods will likely find your messages in different settings. Not everybody sees things the same, but Creator sees us all the same, and delights in sending those little messages of an ever-present Love.

I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help.

Psalm 121:1

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