Choosing To Trust


Today’s topic for the message at Cherry Springs got switched. I talked about trusting in a Higher Power. It can be very hard to trust people we can see, why would it not be harder to trust Spirit, which we cannot see? This seems to be a common human dilemma. The reason the topic was switched is simple. I ran out of time this morning to do a really fun object lesson in the message I had planned for them. It involved strawberry shortcake and real whipped cream and much last minute preparation and I just flat ran out of time. I have gotten spoiled with having the horses fed for me on Sundays for the past few months. This Sunday the man who does it was unavailable. I have a new appreciation for this luxury, because I had forgotten what a race it used to be before I had that help just to get to a regular church service 45 minutes away in Hendersonville. When it came to covering all the extra time needed today, it just wasn’t going to happen.

So here I was. I had about 30 minutes to get a message together. I prayed. I got one. For about a year now, I have been working on my ability to trust that my prayers are heard and will be answered, as well as in trusting God in general. I have arrived at absolute certainty that they do, and that I can absolutely trust that God has my very highest and best  good for me, even when things get rough, and it looks like it’s all headed South. That is why having 30 minutes to come up with a message is no longer a big deal. It all started with little notes to God placed where I would see them every day. One had a sweet-faced Golden Retriever ( I never saw any other face on a Golden, did you?) in the left hand corner on a note pad from the Humane Society. I drew bandages all over the grinning dog. That dog was me, you see. Beat up, bandaged up, lots of stitches, but still wagging the tail and working the grin. I wrote below the dog in bold letters “Help me trust You, cos I really want to”. The other, from the same notepad, had a fuzzy gray kitten in the corner. I drew a big heart below and to the side of the figure and drew dashes, like cosmic rays, coming from each of the kitten’s eyes straight to the big heart. Under this one I wrote “I don’t always know what to do, but I am keeping my eyes on You.”

I did other things too, like tracking my prayers, and being truly grateful for any and all answers, not only for those times when things turned out great, but for every answer, even the ones I would not have preferred. This showed me that Spirit had been listening all along, and answering my prayers. It’s funny, how being on a spiritual journey can take you right back to where you started, only with new eyes to see the truth that was there all along. My foray into a bigger, stronger Trust is taking me into the exploration of possibilities whose beauty and magnitude, I must admit, scare me as well as excite me! Possibilities for a life I had not allowed myself to even imagine before, possibilities, that to be realized will certainly carry me far and  away out of my personal comfort zone. Comfort zones become Dead zones all too easily and that is what was happening to me. But oh! How ready I am to live this life with everything inside me, to bring forth all the Love and power residing there and claim the life Creator has planned for me. Where once I felt doomed by age and disability, all I see, now that I have a better grip on trust, is imaginary bogey-men fleeing with the coming of The Light. When we trust, first ourselves, because it is our first real reference point, then the Creator of The Universe, everything starts to fall into place. How could it not?

You know, we are such a go-do, go- do, do-do society, it is almost unfashionable to tout the virtues of trusting anything but that which we can see and feel. We are supposed to figure it all out by ourselves. Good in theory, but then life happens. The Truth is that we are the Beloved of God. We can relax without shirking, fail without remorse, and succeed with the humility of those who know they are not acting alone.  We can learn to trust that we are co-creators with our Source, and we can allow that Source to guide us, love us, and lift us up into the life we were meant to live.

Fear not, little flock, for it is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.  Luke 12:32

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