That Soft Place To Land

Did you ever feel like what you really need is a soft place to land? If, like me, you have ever felt weary from the stress and strain of living in this world, you know what I mean. The craziness of life can get deep down into your soul until you just don’t ever truly feel safe. But this is merely an illusion. God has it all under control, even when it appears that there is much evidence to the contrary.

I had the day from hell last Friday. What happened to me Friday made me almost believe that expression “No good deed goes unpunished”. I got pooped on by somebody I have been trying to help out for months now. I was tired, irritable, angry, disgusted, filled with judgment and sadness. Even my mate didn’t seem to be of any help at all, didn’t seem to care as much or be as comforting as I would have liked him to be. Yet, at the end of the day as I lay relaxing in a nice hot tub with chamomile bubble bath, it suddenly and with crystal clarity occurred to me; God is my safe place to land.

People will let you down. Or maybe we let ourselves down by having expectations of what other people should do, how they should treat us and how we would like them to be there for us. After-all, our intentions are good…right? So why do we get pooped on? Well, we get pooped on because that’s how folks are. That is just how human beings are. We hurt and disappoint each other all the time….all of us do at some point or other, or have in the past because we just hadn’t developed spiritually to the point where we care more about others than we do our ego. And it’s not just strangers, not just acquaintances, who poop on us. Oh no!

Even the closest of relationships can end up feeling like nothing but just a big hurtful disappointment when the other person leaves us. Even if they leave us because they die, it can still feel that way. But there is a cure for all of this. When we put our faith in our Creator, we are never disappointed, not if we recognize Spirit as our true soft place to land, our true anchor, our real refuge. Once we do, we can let go of a whole lot of hurt. Then our hearts can finally heal. The Healed Heart does not rely upon others, but upon Spirit alone.

Sure, sometimes we do have to go through some poop. That’s life on this plane of duality, and the sooner we accept that, the better. But when we can fully grasp that Spirit holds our Good, that Spirit is our safe place to land after perhaps years of flying blind, flying on instruments only, through this world of turbulence and upheaval. When we really get this, our sky clears and visibility is restored. Then we can rest. When we can rest, we can revive ourselves daily and return to that safe place any time we need to. Then life gets better, and we get better.

Come to me, all who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28 New American Standard Bible

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