Memorial Services

blessing-4As a former hospice Home Health  Aide and long term care Social Worker, I am not put off by death. I view it as a final life task that each one of us will one day face.

Because life as we know it is so precious and fleeting, when someone we love has died it is very comforting to mark this passage with a heartfelt memorial or funeral service. I will consult  with you to design the perfect tribute to your loved one and perform the service on the day you choose. A memorial service is the final act of love we are privileged to perform for those we love and to assist you with this rite is a great honor for me. I also offer funeral and memorial services for animals. The sorrow and loss we experience when a beloved animal dies is often overlooked or minimized, even by those who love us. I have always felt that as it says in the Bible, God knows when the sparrow falls and all of Creator’s creatures matter, in life and in death.