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You Haven’t Lost Your Joy…You Just Misplaced It

Where is your joy? Have you misplaced it? Have you supposed that your joy lies in doing, having, or being? It does not. It lives within you. Happiness is external and requires effort, joy does not. Yet joy is subtle, so much so that it can be missed entirely. We can learn to tune ourselves to joy, to sharpen our perception so that we can recognize and bring forth the joy that is already within.

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Ancient Hawaiian Humble Pie: Ho’ opono pono

Are you depressed? If you are you have lots of company. I have long suffered from depression myself. I want peace. I want it more than anything I can think of a s a goal in life. Come along with me as I share about my Ho’ opono pono Journey and together we can find peace. When enough of us find peace the balance will swing and war will cease. Worth doing, huh?


A Closer Look at the Dad I Had…Putting a Fuzzy Relationship Into Focus

I got my Daddy back when I was able to forgive him for things long past. Father’s Day has changed for the better for me. Perhaps it will change for the better for you as well when you read this tribute to the Light that was in my father even as the darkness ran wild and did much damage. Perhaps it will help you get on the road to healing. One thing I know: laying down that burden feels so good.


What do I do About Lonesome?

The opening line of the old hymn says “No never alone, no, never alone, He promised never to leave me, never to leave me alone”. this, while very true, is only part of the solution to our feelings of abandonment and loneliness, our grief and sorrow. We have a major role to play, hand in hand with God in order to bring these words home from the head to the heart.

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(Good) Things my Mother Taught Me

All human mothers are fallible simply because they are human. When we, as their children, are able to see them this way, we can love them more, or even love them for the first time. We become able to get them back, so to speak, in cases where there were feelings of hurt and misunderstanding. And as we learn to accept them as human beings in their own right, we are able to let go of what we so pine for. We are able to begin the process of mothering them, for indeed, many mothers are a disappointment to their children, or even downright harmful because they were not properly mothered. It is a vicious cycle, you see. Do yourself a favor. Set her free. It will free you as well. In this deeply personal blog, I am honoring the mother I had and for so long, did not want. Today I look back through the lens of forgiveness and acceptance and reclaim this relationship, honoring my mother for all she gave, releasing once and for all, everything she was unable to give.