Misty, The Miracle Mare

It is never easy to say goodbye to the animals we have taken into our hearts to be our animal children. However, there is a key that will unlock and free our hearts from even the darkest dungeon of grief and sorrow. that key is gratitude. May grieving hearts take solace here, whether they are missing a human or animal loved one.


Horse Logic

So often God has something far better waiting for us than we will let ourselves imagine. I invite you to turn loose of how you think things will be; they could turn out much better! My horse showed me how I have been settling for stress and anxiety when I could have had peace and happiness all along because that is what God, our Source, wants for us.

Mothers day 1

(Good) Things my Mother Taught Me

All human mothers are fallible simply because they are human. When we, as their children, are able to see them this way, we can love them more, or even love them for the first time. We become able to get them back, so to speak, in cases where there were feelings of hurt and misunderstanding. And as we learn to accept them as human beings in their own right, we are able to let go of what we so pine for. We are able to begin the process of mothering them, for indeed, many mothers are a disappointment to their children, or even downright harmful because they were not properly mothered. It is a vicious cycle, you see. Do yourself a favor. Set her free. It will free you as well. In this deeply personal blog, I am honoring the mother I had and for so long, did not want. Today I look back through the lens of forgiveness and acceptance and reclaim this relationship, honoring my mother for all she gave, releasing once and for all, everything she was unable to give.

Cardinal 2

Creator’s Love Notes

Guidance can be found virtually everywhere, around us and welling up from within us. The answers we need are waiting to be found in Nature, in our Dreams, in the words of a song, because God is everywhere present. The more aware we become of this, the more we will experience it. Read about my own experience with Divine Guidance, courtesy of some heart-shaped stones and 4 cardinals!


Horse Tales…Installment #1

Animals have so much to share with us. Horses have taught me so much about myself and my spiritual path! It has been a bumpy path for me with horses for the past 5 years, but worth every minute. If you are thinking that nothing has worked out for you lately, read this…I thought the same thing in regard to horses but found out that Spirit had something good, very good, in store for me! And Spirit has your good too!