Misty, The Miracle Mare

It is never easy to say goodbye to the animals we have taken into our hearts to be our animal children. However, there is a key that will unlock and free our hearts from even the darkest dungeon of grief and sorrow. that key is gratitude. May grieving hearts take solace here, whether they are missing a human or animal loved one.

Open heart 1

The Love That Is

  Today is Valentine’s Day, a day which is celebrated almost uniquely in the United States as an all-around Love day. Here, cards and gifts are given to moms, dads, friends, everyone, including romantic interests, but not exclusively to those heart-throbs. I don’t care that it is a major marketing holiday, I am so glad Read More

walk with me

Walk Me Through It

Of course you don’t know how to go through some of the things that life throws at you. It has been said that we cannot step in the same stream twice, and this is true. Everything is always changing. At times, we are all called upon to go through painful experiences that we have never faced before. In these scary times, there is One who will walk us through it, whatever it is.

Rescue 1

Bless What Is Left

There is a solution to the stresses and sorrows Life hands us as we go our way through it. It is an attitude, one that can be hard to come by when you are facing great loss or challenge. It is also an attitude that will free you forever from the full force of trauma. It is gratitude. Here are some thoughts on the saving power of gratitude in the face of fear.

Tire traxs in snow

Lessons In The Snow

Sometimes life’s road is as slippery and confounding as a totally snow covered road in the hills. This is when we must realize that not only can we risk trusting Spirit for direction, but we must! We must be willing to walk through our fears if we are to grow. Fortunately, Christ has already walked this wild wasteland of Earth-Life ahead of us and is there still to guide us…if we are willing to trust.

soft place to land

That Soft Place To Land

We all buy into the myth perpetuated by the attitude that spawned the old show tune “You’re Nobody til Somebody Loves You”. The truth is that God loves you more. When we are able to open up to the Love of God and to love all others, but not elevate them to God status or even Hero status, we will find that soft place to land.