It Happened Again…I Got Scared!

Ok, I posted Sunday that we need to stay out of fear and stay grounded in Love, or words to that effect. I meant it and I still mean it, but today when I learned of the release of the FDA from having to test pet food to assure that it is safe, I went into a real tail spin. Yep. I lost my ground, for sure. Big Time. I am an animal and a people lover and I know how much we need our animals. We need their friendship, the purest there is. Caring for and loving them makes us better humans. It is a sad thing for a person to never have known the joy of sharing life with an animal.

When I read this, I lost it. But I got it back. I prayed. Oh no, not a nice flowery preachery prayer, this prayer was “Help us, God!” It was about all I could muster. I will be more specific later, because I will be praying about this situation. It will join the other concerns on the prayer list. For now, Thank You God, I am ok. For this moment I am not trying to solve this problem while stuck down on the level that created it (paraphrase Albert Einstein). Am I sitting here praying for our president? Well, no. Not just now. My feelings are still a bit raw for that  But this morning, as I do every morning, I did. Tomorrow I will. Of course I can’t personally vouch for this, but his biographer said that President Trump never, to his recollection, mentioned having had a pet. And I still say this is a sad thing. You see, this is no time for us to close our hearts. Leave them open. Spirit will soothe them just like It is soothing me now.

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