The Christ Spirit Church

spirit-christ-churchIt all started when Reverend Charlotte McGinnis began to ask me to fill in for her at the Namaste Center on the occasional Sunday when she would be out of town. I will never forget the first message I gave. I had never spoken to a group regarding spiritual matters before.

I was looking forward to it and Spirit had supplied me with a message.  I was ready. What I was unprepared for was the feeling it gave me to relay a message from Spirit. I never felt more alive! I knew I had found my calling.

Soon I discovered that everything about being a messenger appeals to me; receiving the message from Spirit, sometimes upon waking, sometimes while doing common things like walking my dog. Sometimes the message comes as a healing or a message to me personally and I pass it on because I know that it might help someone else who may be dealing with the same thing.

The Beginning of the Christ Spirit Church

 I was pouring myself a cup of coffee on a Sunday morning when I first heard the call to start the Christ Spirit Church. It was not a voice, the heavens didn’t part to reveal a message, and I sure didn’t expect it, but it came to me; the idea that I should start this church and call it the Christ Spirit Church. We are still having our service at 3:00 in The Basement Chapel. I have also been bringing the church service to Cherry Springs Village, an assisted living facility in Hendersonville at 10:00 each Sunday. On Thursdays I facilitate a prayer circle that the residents named “Prayer Angels”.
Last fall, we started a program we call the “Safe and Warm Heater Exchange Program”. The mission of the program is to provide safe new heaters in exchange for old dangerous ones. We gave away over 50 heaters last fall and winter and we are gearing up now for another winter season and have already had people coming to our door to ask when the heaters will be coming!